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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival creates great atmosphere for family fun

I love these beautiful Atlanta days! Seventy-five and sunny and the only place I want robe is outside so I was thrilled I planned to come with the family to visit the Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival. The weather made the attractions so much nicer to enjoy and the outdoorsy backdrop created a fun family afternoon.

While the Pumpkin Festival isn't as big as Christmas Mountain or Snow Mountain (opening Nov. 23!!!), there is still plenty to do.  There is a pumpkin patch ($7 each), a short "everyone marches" pumpkin parade, a "pumpkin party" area with lots of games, and of course all the fun activities normally at Stone Mountain like Sky Hike, Summit Skyride, and the Scenic Railroad (our family favorite). The whole family, from baby on up, can find things to do here and the Fall decorations make it festive and fun.

Go and take some time to enjoy the sun, sit on a rock, let your kids play in the grass, and maybe visit the candy store. We had a great time and I think you will too! (And now let's get excited about Christmas!)

From Stone Mountain
Families are invited to take in all of the splendor that autumn provides with un filled games and shows at Stone Mountain Park's Ninth Annual Pumpkin Festivalto take place each weekend during October.

Back by popular demand, "Pumpkin Palooza" takes the stage with an energy filled, family game show where audience members are picked to participate in a series of zany and messy challenges. The winner takes all and the losers have to spin the "Wheel of Misery," with consequences ranging from a pie in the face, dancing like a chicken or getting "splurfed" (a gooey, slimy substance poured on top of your head).

The Family Scavenger Hunt returns to take guests to multiple Stone Mountain Park attractions to find clues and answer questions. Families who finish the search are automatically entered to win a four-pack of Snow Mountain™ tickets valued at $108.  One four-pack will be awarded each weekend during the festival. Also returning this year is Pumpkin Party Patch. Here, guests can dress their own scarecrow and play pumpkin themed festival games.

"The mood is immediately set for fall fun when you see the colorful d├ęcor at the gates," said Stan Morrell, special events and entertainment director for Stone Mountain Park.  "Everywhere you look you will see pumpkins, cornstalks, scarecrows and families enjoying the festival atmosphere."

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